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Urgent help needed for Intikhab's Father

I write this mail during this festive season (where all religious events seem to have come in one week!) whilst everymember of our batch is celebrating except for one - Intikhab Sali....
His father is very sick and has to undergo a kidney transplant; Intikaab was willing to donate his kidney but the doctors have advised against it due to various reasons that were noted.


It was with great sadness that Intikaab reluctantly told me how his family needed close to 1.5 million and had only raised half of it! Though they have found a matching donor they have to wait till they raise the money. Even at this hard time he was experiencing he didn't ask us to raise money, instead Janaka Peiris and I decided that we should turn to our batch to help our batchmate.


As batch mates we rejoiced together in several occasions and it's now through the hard times that we can really show how close we are bonded, by helping those in need.
Intikaab played a major role in the organising of the Batch Stag that we had where all of us rejoiced and he IS our batch president, therefore we owe him and should now show our gratitude.


Given below are his AC details. ANY contribution will be much appreciated. If you can contibute please do so whatever the amount may be, since we need to collectively pool in money to accumulate a big sum.


A/C no : 8480009917
Bank : Commercial Bank
Name : Mohamed Intikhab Salih


We will nominate few who can collect money from those they know or keep in touch with, the others will have to deposit money into the AC mentioned above.
Please write back if you are having any related problems with regard to depositing into the account.

So whilst wishing you all a happy new year i ask you humbly to help our friend out.


"A friend in need is a friend indeed"


Commitee Meetings

Commitee meetings were held on 17th and 31st December 2005 to discuss about the organizing of 'Revive' dinner dance. Ticket sales and sponsorships were handed over by several members as well.

We wish to thank the following batchmates who contributed by selling tickets and getting sponsorships:

> Hisham Ishaq

> Suchira Surendranath
> Nishedha Gunawardana

> Parami Jayawardana
> Saman Abeysinghle
> Yudara Kularathne

> Ablej

> Rejikanth
> Shameera Kumarapeli
> Kusal Malwatta


General Meeting

Date: 26th November 2005

Venue: College Pavillion

Time: 2.30pm

A successful meeting was held after a long time, with the participation of more than 100 members. A new commitee for the coming year was appointed with the approval of all the attendants. Intikhab Salih was unanimously appointed as the president while 10 more volunteer members were apponted as commitee members.

A special thank should go for Venusha who had been working with genuine interest in encouraging batchmates and getting them together again.


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